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Love to do things? At Lendico we make it happen.

Everyday our borrowers’ loan projects are funded and dreams are made a reality. Some restore old sailing boats, some get funding for their kids’ braces and others just need a car to get to their new job. Become a part of our team and help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Our team is growing fast. We started as a handful of people in the summer of 2013. Today we are 117 people. Lendico is growing fast and so are the challenges - that’s what makes Lendico special. Help us change the way people borrow, invest and even think about money.

Working at Lendico means opportunity: the opportunity to take risks, to learn and to grow. We want everyone to be the best she or he can be. We don’t want you to waste time and talent on layers of management. That’s why we have established a flat management structure. And you definitely won’t need a banking wardrobe. We don’t need ties or casual Fridays. We come to work to make things happen - not to dress up.

Join us!


Don't hesitate to contact our HR team, if you have any question concerning your application.
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Common questions

No. Of course it helps to know a thing or two about the financial sector, but knowledge can never replace passion. We want to change the way people borrow and lend money.
You have put time and effort into the application, so we want to give it the attention it deserves. We aim to respond within a few days, but might get back to you earlier to get more information or recommend another position.